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Number of Figures Contributed 46

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Antigonid Cavalry   05/02/2015
Antigonid Infantry   05/02/2015
Antigonid Phalanx   05/02/2015
Macedonian Cavalry   10/18/2013
Macedonian Infantry   10/18/2013
Ptolemaic Egyptian Cavalry Cavalry, Commander, Elephant   08/02/2014
Ptolemaic Infantry Cavalry Pike, Sword, Spear, Bow   08/02/2014
Seleucid Army of Antiochus (Cavalry, Chariots, Elephants) Battle of Magnesia   05/29/2016
Seleucid Army of Antiochus (Phalanx) Battle of Magnesia   05/29/2016
Seleucid Cavalry Cavalry, Commander, Chariot, Elephant   07/19/2014
Seleucid Infantry   06/21/2014
Seleucid Infantry (Later) Pike, Sword   08/08/2014

18th Century > Marlburian (1700 - 1720) - War of Spanish Succession, Great Northern War, Queen Anne's War

Title Description Date Uploaded
Danish Heavy Cavalry (Micro-Scale)   09/21/2013
Danish Infantry (Micro-Scale)   09/21/2013
Danish Infantry (Micro-Scale)   09/21/2013
Norwegian Cavalry (Micro-Scale)   09/13/2013
Norwegian Infantry (Micro-Scale)   09/13/2013

18th Century > American Revolution (1775 - 1783)

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Line, Grenadier, Light, Officer, General, Loyalist, Arillry & Crew, Fifer, Flag   Before Time
Continentals Line, Militia, Minutemen, General, Officer, Artillery & Crew, Flag   Before Time

19th Century > Napoleonic Era (1799-1815) & War of 1812

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Dragoons   07/14/2012
British Heavy Dragoons   07/14/2012

Early 20th > Ships

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Courageous Class Battlecruisers   09/05/2015

WW2 > Britain & Commonwealth

Title Description Date Uploaded
Ghurka Infantry Platoon   12/05/2015
Hurricane Mk IIC   01/10/2016
Infantry Platoon (Burma) 5th Indian Infantry Division   03/28/2016
Infantry Royal Scots Regiment   12/19/2015
M3 Lee Tank Troop   12/19/2015
Punjabi Infantry Platoon   01/10/2016
Sherman V Tank Troop   01/10/2016
Tank Troop (Normandy 1944) Coldstream Guards   01/23/2016

WW2 > Ships

Title Description Date Uploaded
British HMS Hood   02/14/2015
British HMS King George V   02/14/2015
British HMS Renown   02/14/2015

WW2 > Micro-Scale

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Commando Section D-Day   02/25/2012
British Infantry Platoon D-Day   01/28/2012
British Motor Infantry Division   10/13/2012
Irish Guards Armored Squadron   06/22/2012
US Army Tank Company Shermans, M-10s, Light Tanks   Before Time
Welsh Guards Armored Recon   02/25/2012

Cold War > Vietnam War (1947-1954, 1957-1975)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Australian 105mm Pack Artillery   09/19/2014
Australian Infantry   09/19/2014

Cold War > Western Europe & NATO

Title Description Date Uploaded
Norwegian Infantry Rifles, Heavy Weapons, HQ   06/18/2011
Norwegian Infantry   04/01/2012
Norwegian Infantry   04/01/2012

Modern > Micro-Scale

Title Description Date Uploaded
Norwegian Armored Battalion   01/06/2012
Norwegian Light Infantry Battalion   01/06/2012