John Thiessen

Designer Showcase

Designer Stats

Statistic Amount
Number of Figures Contributed 19

Masters > Masters

Title Description Date Uploaded
Horses 4 Colored Horses (25) w/ no Rider, Armored Cataphract Horse, Work Horse / Heavy War Horse colored and BW   Before Time
Skeletons Human (11), Horses (2)   Before Time

Masters > Accessories

Title Description Date Uploaded
Guard Houses 4 different, colored and black and white   Before Time

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Celts 2 Infantry(3), Archers (2), Fanatics   Before Time
Eastern Germanic Tribes Archers (2), Officer, Infantry (2), Horse Archer, Cavalry (2), Mounted Commander, Ostrogoths, Gepids, Vandals   Before Time
Gladiator Animals Lioness, Wolf (2), Leopard (2)   Before Time
Gladiators 1 Andabatae, Bestiarii (2), Dimachaeri, Equites (2), Essedari, Hoplomachi, Murmillones, Retiarii, Laquerarii, Provocatores, Sagittarius, Samnites, Secutores, Thraces   Before Time
Greek 4 Hoplites and Commander, Spartans, Corinthians, Athenians   Before Time
Scythians Regular Cavalry (4), Horse Archers (2)   Before Time

Medieval > Medieval 500 - 1500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Byzantines 2 Varangian Guard, Swordsmen, Spears, Maces, Archers, Light Cavalry (4), Cataphracts (2), Pronoiar   Before Time
Byzantines 3 Mercenaries - English longbowmen, infantry, commander, Frankish heavy infantry, crossbowmen, commander, knights (2), Scythian cavalry (4), horse archers (2)   Before Time

Renaissance > Samurai (15th - 17th Centuries)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Akita and Baba Clans Same as above   Before Time

Fantasy > Fantasy

Title Description Date Uploaded
Centaurs   Before Time
Dwarves   Before Time
Human Army 3 Infantry   Before Time
Rangers 1 Infantry   Before Time
Rangers 2 Cavalry   Before Time
Scorpion Man   Before Time
Skeletons   Before Time