100 latest figures

Figure Name Description Designer Upload Date
Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) Brazilian Army, WW2, Smoking Snakes RSantos 05/24/2020
Thai Army ww2 Thai Army, World War II RSantos 05/24/2020
Brazilian Revolution of 1930 Tanks, Brazilian Army RSantos 05/24/2020
BMW Isetta model 300 Natedog 05/24/2020
US Marine Raiders 7 different Natedog 05/24/2020
US Army Iwo Jima 4 different Natedog 05/24/2020
race car Modification Natedog 05/24/2020
US Army Rifle Squad M4A1, M249, M203 FoxtrotTwoOne 05/24/2020
Ethiopian Army WW2 Second Italo- Ethiopian War, WW2, Jagama Kello RSantos 05/24/2020
(3-D) Prussian Artillery 3-D Cannon and Ammo Carriage from the Seven Years War ThePaperPrussian 05/24/2020
SFOD-D 1 Delta Force, Somalia 1993. Levantera 05/24/2020
Swedish Infantry Renaissance ThePaperPrussian 05/24/2020
Swedish Infantry Renaissance ThePaperPrussian 05/24/2020
US Marines (Micro-scale) Micro-scale marines on Iwa Jima ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
Spartan Hoplites 2 More accurate Spartan Hoplites ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
Soldiers (Saga of the Dead) Soldiers from Road of the Dead Waffelllss 05/09/2020
Navy Seal (Covert) ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
US air cav Vietnam on patrol Natedog 05/09/2020
CAP Cadets Civil Air Patrol cadets in "Blues" (Dress uniform) ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
Cantonal Leaders Leaders, captain and flag bearer od the Cantonal Revolution of 1873-1874 in Spain. Ndovlu 05/04/2020
Cantonal Troops Iberia Regiment and Cazadores de Mendigorría (army rebels) Ndovlu 05/04/2020
Brazilian Naval Division for War Operations (DNOG) Brazilian ships, Brazilian Navy in World War I RSantos 05/04/2020
Brazil- Revolt of the Lash (1910) Brazilian conflicts, battleship Minas Gerais, Admiral João Cândido RSantos 05/04/2020
US Army Personnel Officers and enlisted in Class A and B uniforms and ACUs AbleArcher83 05/04/2020
US Marines Iwa Jima Two marines on Iwa Jima ThePaperPrussian 05/04/2020
Israeli HMG and AT gun Israeli XB53 HMG and PIAT (48) Ndovlu 04/11/2020
Israeli Bren Carrier Israeli Bren Carrier Mk1 from Independence War (48) (Clive) Ndovlu 04/11/2020
Greek Army 2 Skirmish Archers/Javelins/Slingers/Infantry/Cavalry, Normal and Light Infantry, Commander Red Serf 04/11/2020
Latvian submarine "Ronis" type submarine Waffelllss 04/11/2020
Arab Legion Vehicles Marmon-Herrington mkIV, Lorraine 37L with 2pdr gun Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Arab legion Officers 1948 British officer Jordan Arab Legion Officer Glubb Pasha (commander-in-chief) Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Salvadorean HMGs Salvadorean HMGs (1969) Football War Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Paraguayan Infantry 1866 Paraguayan Infantry during the War of the Triple Alliance also called The Paraguayan War Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Jordan Arab legion 1948 5 different models of Jordan legionnaires Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Anti Tripod Railgun (Improved) Added correct double textures and some coal in tender. (Original by Ungern) Affetheman 03/22/2020
Cossacks - one Figure Cossack Special Thanks to Ungern Atlantic_Green 01/16/2020
Riot Police (Ukranian Berkut) Atlantic_Green 01/16/2020
Jabba's Skiff Star Wars fan art: Jabba's Skiff Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
B1 Battle Droids Star Wars fan art: B1 Battle Droids Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Wampa Star Wars fan art: Wampa Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Delta 7 Star Wars fan art: Delta 7 Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Cantina Mos Eisley Star Wars fan art: Cantina Mos Eisley Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Ewoks Star Wars fan art: Ewoks Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Jawas Star Wars fan art: Jawas Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Tusken Star Wars fan art: Tusken Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Banthas with Tusken raider Star Wars fan art: Bantha and Bantha with Tusken raider Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Rancor Star Wars fan art: Rancor Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Star Wars: Stormtroopers I Star Wars fan art: Stormtroopers, page I Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Star Wars: Imperial Officers Star Wars fan art: Imperial Officers Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Modern Indian Army with New Helmets Indian Army wearing modern helmets and head protection Kangmingjie 11/24/2019
Indian Army Sikhs in Cold War Era helmets Indian army Sikhs and Cold War era helmets Kangmingjie 11/24/2019
Modern Pakistani Infantry Modern Pakistani Army Kangmingjie 11/24/2019
Pakistani Infantry Modern Pakistani Army Kangmingjie 11/24/2019
Chinese PLA Marine Camo Chinese PLAN Marines wearing naval camo Kangmingjie 11/24/2019
Chinese PLA Woodland Camo Chinese PLA in woodland camo. Kangmingjie 11/24/2019
Royalist French Revolution Infantry and Artillery of Royalist troops Edom 11/24/2019
Swiss Guard French Revolution Infantry and Artillery of Swiss Guard Edom 11/24/2019
National Guard French French infantry and artillery of national guard Edom 11/24/2019
Argentine army Braian 11/01/2019
Argentine army Braian 11/01/2019
Mexican Mezcala Rebels Native rebels units from the siege of the Island of Mezcala from the Mexican War of independence against Spain. AztecaMexico 11/01/2019
Ulster Defense Association Tom Nguyen 11/01/2019
Ulster Volunteer Force 1 Special thanks to original maker Virgilio Tom Nguyen 11/01/2019
Swedish C-130(tp84) Hercules Model by Leonard Siegmeier, recolor by Affetheman. Affetheman 10/05/2019
1st Cavalry Division (Vietnam 1967) Troops with UH-1 Nickygio 10/02/2019
Rebel Fleet Troopers Rebel Fleet Troopers Comradesoldat 09/08/2019
Rebel Cold Weather Troopers SW Cold Weather Troops Comradesoldat 09/08/2019
HQ-7 Anti air missile PLA HQ-7 Tom Nguyen 09/04/2019
ROCAF F-5E Peace Tiger ROCAF f-5 Comradesoldat 09/03/2019
Zil-130 Light utility vehicle Soviet Zil-130 Comradesoldat 09/02/2019
King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) Adult, Penguin moulting, two juveniles La_Fougère 09/01/2019
Tauntaun Tauntaun creature mounted by several characters in the planet Hoth: Luke, Leia, Han Solo and Rebel Soldiers. Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Rebels in Hoth Rebels in Hoth equiped with the DC-12 pistol. Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Rebel Defenses Rebel Defenses - Planet Hoth Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Imperial Probe Droid Imperial Probe Droid - From the Episode: "The Empire Strikes Back" Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Rebels Forces Rebels Forces armed with the DC-17 pistol. Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Rey Rey from Star Wars Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Starship Troopers Scout Armor Starship Troopers Scout Armor. Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Starship Troopers Old style Starship Troopers. Remake. Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Starship Troopers Power Armor Starship Troopers Power Armor, based on the Original video animation series. Tulius Hostilius 09/01/2019
Latvian soldiers Latvian soldiers and officer Waffelllss 08/24/2019
Nissan Pickup (D21) Part 2 D21 with truck beds Paul 08/24/2019
Nissan Pick-up (D21) D21 generation was successor to Datsun 720 Paul 08/24/2019
501st heavy tank 501st tank Battalion from 1944 tinytom64 08/17/2019
Starship Troopers Platoon Starship Troopers set with a platoon, a bug field, and emplacements. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
STAP and ATT 2 STAPs, one with a droid other with a human, and a ATT (Armored Assault Tank), from the Star Wars Universe. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Imperial Ranking Guide Imperial rankings and badges used by the Empire in the Star Wars Universe. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
MTT Multi-Troop Transport (MTT). Star Wars universe. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Cylons Cylon (1978) and Cylons Spaceships. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Battlestar Galactica Set Battlestar Galactica set. 1978 and 2004-2009 TV series. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Aliens figures Assorted figures from the Aliens franchise. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Aliens Colonial Marines platoon. Aliens and AVP Franshise. Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Cinderella's Chariot Cinderella's Chariot Tulius Hostilius 08/15/2019
Counters Various template counters with examples Alex Kremer 08/11/2019
Sakalava Warriors, 19th Century Warriors from Western Madagascar. ImperialMilkyWay 08/08/2019
Ultramarines tactical squad Warhammer 40k universe: A 10 ultramarine squad, including a sergeant, a flamethrower and a missile launcher. Tulius Hostilius 08/08/2019
Fantasy Character Classes A cleric, a mage, a warrior, a bard, a ranger and a knight. Tulius Hostilius 08/08/2019
Arcadia Death-Shadow Class BB Space pirate captain Harlock fan art Comradesoldat 08/07/2019
Troglodyte Beast Riders Comradesoldat 08/07/2019
Troglodyte Warriors Comradesoldat 08/07/2019