100 latest figures

Figure Name Description Designer Upload Date
Into The Valley of Death Arrangement of British Light Brigade Regiments during famous charge at Balaclava. Tom Maxson 01/15/2022
Sudanese Warriors Sudanese Warriors Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
German Wehrmacht Milk Collection Team WWII German Wehrmacht milk collection team. R.I.P. Russell McCreight 1974-2017 BlastWave 01/15/2022
sturmpanzerwagen a7v sturmpanzerwagen a7v Chaparro 33 01/15/2022
Simo Häyhä Winter War Sniper Natedog 01/15/2022
Israeli paratroopers III three with Uzis Natedog 01/15/2022
Von Preunshenks Fieldjäger corp Hessian Jägers Caleb Silver 01/15/2022
1745 Royal Ecossais Royal Ecossais (Scots troops in French service) during the Jacobite Rising of 1745. Thanks to Old Tyke & James Byers for original figures. Jordan Jachim 01/15/2022
Micro Scale WW1 Topdown Russian and german army. Infantry, armored cars, artillery. ND 01/15/2022
212th Attack Battalion phase one Star Wars clone wars 212th phase one armor Comradesoldat 01/15/2022
F1 2021 Cars Top Down The 20 top down Mini F1 cars from 2021 JMC3 01/15/2022
Vampires (F.A.M.) Vampires (F.A.M.) The Mexican 01/15/2022
Lockheed T-33 Lockheed T-33 (F.A.M.) The Mexican 01/15/2022
Soviet Zil-157 Soviet Zil-157 Comradesoldat 01/15/2022
SS Wiking Division Combat Engineers Waffen-SS combat engineers, Wiking Division MJZ 01/15/2022
WW2 German Free Arab Legion Arab and African troops who fought for Germany in WW2 MJZ 01/15/2022
Riders Of Rohan LOTR Fan Art Carpathian 01/15/2022
Soviet infantry winter 1941 Infantry and Tanks from Battle of Moscow Tovarish Komarov 01/15/2022
Russian Army 1877 Infantry infantry, dragoons, gunner. Shulz 01/15/2022
Russian army 1877 Turkestan of the Russian army 1877. rifle battalion Shulz 01/15/2022
Polish Anti-Tank Platoon Anti-Tank Platoon Bofors 37mm Carpathian 01/15/2022
Polish Rifle Company 1939 Polish Rifle company Carpathian 01/15/2022
105mm Artillery 105mm from German Army Carpathian 01/15/2022
Russian Misc Renaissance Soldiers 2 axemen, 1 arqebusier, 2 pikineers Mark Voyaka 01/15/2022
Azeri Bayraktar TB2 Turkish UAV used by the Azeri air force to attack Armenia in 2020 Nagorno Karabaj war Ndovlu 01/15/2022
Abdelkrim's Riffians Rifeños (Riffians/Irifiyen) Rif War (1920-1926) Mahomat Abenjucef 01/15/2022
Diana 631 k3 2 diana 631 k3 2 The Mexican 01/15/2022
volkswagen type 2 volkswagen type 2 The Mexican 01/15/2022
Super Puma Turkish Land Forve Super Puma Turkish Land Forve Efc_aTc 01/15/2022
Future Micro USMC Armor 4th Marine Div. Company d ThePaperPrussian 01/15/2022
Swedish Infantry New Swedish Infantry 2 ThePaperPrussian 01/15/2022
Swedish Infantry 2 Swedish Infantry 2 ThePaperPrussian 01/15/2022
Turkish Soldier Gewehr 1938 Kirikkale, MP18, Zb.Vz. 26, Heavy Machine Gunners, Radioman AhmetK2003 01/15/2022
IL-76 Version 1.0 of IL-76 Flyinghell 01/15/2022
40mm Bofors Mk1a platform 40mm Bofors Mk1a platform Flyinghell 01/15/2022
Monsters Inc set Monsters Inc set Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Fan Art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Buck Rogers Buck Rogers Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Fallout 3 Set Fallout 3 Fan Art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Enclave Fallout 3 Enclave Fan Art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
King Kong King Kong, movie Fan Art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Ornithopter Dune movie Fan Art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes movie Fan Art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Starfleet (X Bomber), TV Series Fan Art. Starfleet (X Bomber), TV Series Fan Art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Hammerhead Hammerhead, Space Above and Beyond, TV Series, Fan Art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Oblivion Oblivion movie Fan art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Adam and Eve Biblical Characters Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Marauder Marauder Fan Art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
SHADO Interceptor UFO (TV Series) Fan Art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Halo Set Halo Fan Art Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
L’Orchidée arc-en-ciel L’Orchidée arc-en-ciel (bande dessinée - comics) fan art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
ED-209 ED-209, from the movie "Robocop". Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Space Transporter Space Transporter, 1999 TV Series Fan Art. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Blade Runner Spinner Police Car (Spinner) from the movie "Blade Runner". Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Brotherhood of Steel set Brotherhood of Steel Power Armour. Scribes. Tulius Hostilius 01/15/2022
Alternative (FN FAL) 1963 US Army platoon T48 (FN FAL), m240 (FN MAG), T48E1 (FN FALO), m67 A-T recoiless rifle, m1911a1, m79 grenade launcher Castrão 01/15/2022
USTANKPLATOON M60a3 maine battle tank FoxtrotTwoOne 01/15/2022
Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) Brazilian Army, WW2, Smoking Snakes RSantos 05/24/2020
Thai Army ww2 Thai Army, World War II RSantos 05/24/2020
Brazilian Revolution of 1930 Tanks, Brazilian Army RSantos 05/24/2020
BMW Isetta model 300 Natedog 05/24/2020
US Marine Raiders 7 different Natedog 05/24/2020
US Army Iwo Jima 4 different Natedog 05/24/2020
race car Modification Natedog 05/24/2020
US Army Rifle Squad M4A1, M249, M203 FoxtrotTwoOne 05/24/2020
Ethiopian Army WW2 Second Italo- Ethiopian War, WW2, Jagama Kello RSantos 05/24/2020
(3-D) Prussian Artillery 3-D Cannon and Ammo Carriage from the Seven Years War ThePaperPrussian 05/24/2020
SFOD-D 1 Delta Force, Somalia 1993. Levantera 05/24/2020
Swedish Infantry Renaissance ThePaperPrussian 05/24/2020
Swedish Infantry Renaissance ThePaperPrussian 05/24/2020
US Marines (Micro-scale) Micro-scale marines on Iwa Jima ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
Spartan Hoplites 2 More accurate Spartan Hoplites ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
Soldiers (Saga of the Dead) Soldiers from Road of the Dead Waffelllss 05/09/2020
Navy Seal (Covert) ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
US air cav Vietnam on patrol Natedog 05/09/2020
CAP Cadets Civil Air Patrol cadets in "Blues" (Dress uniform) ThePaperPrussian 05/09/2020
Cantonal Leaders Leaders, captain and flag bearer od the Cantonal Revolution of 1873-1874 in Spain. Ndovlu 05/04/2020
Cantonal Troops Iberia Regiment and Cazadores de Mendigorría (army rebels) Ndovlu 05/04/2020
Brazilian Naval Division for War Operations (DNOG) Brazilian ships, Brazilian Navy in World War I RSantos 05/04/2020
Brazil- Revolt of the Lash (1910) Brazilian conflicts, battleship Minas Gerais, Admiral João Cândido RSantos 05/04/2020
US Army Personnel Officers and enlisted in Class A and B uniforms and ACUs AbleArcher83 05/04/2020
US Marines Iwa Jima Two marines on Iwa Jima ThePaperPrussian 05/04/2020
Israeli HMG and AT gun Israeli XB53 HMG and PIAT (48) Ndovlu 04/11/2020
Israeli Bren Carrier Israeli Bren Carrier Mk1 from Independence War (48) (Clive) Ndovlu 04/11/2020
Greek Army 2 Skirmish Archers/Javelins/Slingers/Infantry/Cavalry, Normal and Light Infantry, Commander Red Serf 04/11/2020
Latvian submarine "Ronis" type submarine Waffelllss 04/11/2020
Arab Legion Vehicles Marmon-Herrington mkIV, Lorraine 37L with 2pdr gun Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Arab legion Officers 1948 British officer Jordan Arab Legion Officer Glubb Pasha (commander-in-chief) Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Salvadorean HMGs Salvadorean HMGs (1969) Football War Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Paraguayan Infantry 1866 Paraguayan Infantry during the War of the Triple Alliance also called The Paraguayan War Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Jordan Arab legion 1948 5 different models of Jordan legionnaires Ndovlu 03/22/2020
Anti Tripod Railgun (Improved) Added correct double textures and some coal in tender. (Original by Ungern) Affetheman 03/22/2020
Cossacks - one Figure Cossack Special Thanks to Ungern Atlantic_Green 01/16/2020
Riot Police (Ukranian Berkut) Atlantic_Green 01/16/2020
Jabba's Skiff Star Wars fan art: Jabba's Skiff Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
B1 Battle Droids Star Wars fan art: B1 Battle Droids Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Wampa Star Wars fan art: Wampa Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Delta 7 Star Wars fan art: Delta 7 Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020
Cantina Mos Eisley Star Wars fan art: Cantina Mos Eisley Tulius Hostilius 01/04/2020