Will R

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Number of Figures Contributed 11

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Anglo-Germnaic Tribes Banner, Bow (2), Spear (3), Sword (2), Axe (2)   Before Time

Modern > Russia & Former Soviet Union

Title Description Date Uploaded
Russian Infantry 1 Officer, AK-74 (3), RPG-7, RPD (2)   Before Time
Russian Infantry 3 Snow Camo, Officer, AK-74 (3), RPD (2)   Before Time
Russian Katyusha Missile Launcher   Before Time
Russian T-90 Tank   Before Time
Russian T-90S Tank   Before Time

Sci-Fi > Science Fiction & Alternative History

Title Description Date Uploaded
CAD Cyber Assult Drone   01/21/2011
Cyber Assault Drone   Before Time
Cyber Drones   Before Time
Dropship   Before Time
Mobile Satellite unit   Before Time