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Early 20th > Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Arachists Durruti Column, Improvised Armored Car   12/27/2010
Catalans People's Army, Militia   12/27/2010
Nationalist Armor Italian L3/35 Tanks, 20mm, Flamethrower   12/27/2010
Nationalist Infantry Flag, Rifle, Pistol, SMG   12/27/2010
Nationalist Tanks Panzer Ia & Ib, 20mm gun   12/27/2010
Republican Infantry Rifles, Pistols, Molotov Cocktail, SMG   12/27/2010
Republican Infantry Officer, Mortar team, MG Team, Field Radio, Flag   12/27/2010
Republican Infantry Winter Uniforms, Rifles, MG Team, SMG, Pistol   12/27/2010
Republican People's Army Winter Uniform, Rifle, Pistol, MG Team, SMG, Field Phone   12/27/2010
Republican Tanks T-26, Commander's Tank, w/ Tank Riders   12/27/2010
Republican Vehicle Crew Armored Car and Tank Crew, Pistol, SMG, LMG   12/27/2010