Scott Turner

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Statistic Amount
Number of Figures Contributed 17

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Persian Immortals Archers, Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry   Before Time
Spartans 1 Hoplite infantry, Leonidas   Before Time

18th Century > Other

Title Description Date Uploaded
Baron Munchausen and Retainers Baron Munchausen mounted, Augustus, Gustavus, Adolphus, Bertold, Albrecht   Before Time

19th Century > Napoleonic Era (1799-1815) & War of 1812

Title Description Date Uploaded
British 95th Rifles 1 Skirmishers/Characters/Chosen Men - Baker Rifle (2 different), Volley Rifle, Lt. w/ Pistol, Barker Rifle w/ Bayonet Fixed, Pair of Privates   Before Time

19th Century > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Harry Flashman (1839) 11th Light Dragoons, on foot and mounted   Before Time

Modern > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
Delta Force Operators 1 Silenced M14, M-4 w/ M203   Before Time
HMMWVs Desert Camo w/ .50 cal MG, MK19 Grenade Launcher, Open Bed w/ Cargo, Battle Damaged   Before Time
Infantry 1 Infantry wearing digital ACU pattern uniforms   Before Time
USAF Combat Air Controller, Pararescue Jumper (2 different)   Before Time

Modern > Middle East & Near East

Title Description Date Uploaded
Arab Civilians (Traditional Dress) Men w/ Disdash (3 different), Local Leader, Women in Burqa (3 different)   Before Time
Iraqi Civilian Contractors 1 M-4, Sniper, Medic 2/ M-4, M-4 Commo   Before Time
Iraqi Police 1 Patrol Officers (2 different), Patrol Sgts (2 different)   Before Time
Mercenaries Assault Rifles (3 different), Light Scout, LMG   Before Time

Modern > Asia

Title Description Date Uploaded
Chinese Police three different   Before Time
North Korean Special Forces Paratroopers - Officer, Sniper, Assault Rifle, Guard, Special Forces - RPG, LMG, Infantry   Before Time

Modern > Law Enforcement & Emergency

Title Description Date Uploaded
Department of Homeland Security HMMV   Before Time

Modern > Weapons

Title Description Date Uploaded
Weapons 1 M4's, M14's, 1911 Pistol, Shotguns, Laser Designator, SMAW, Javelin   Before Time