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18th Century > Other

Title Description Date Uploaded
Paraguayan Infantry 1866 Paraguayan Infantry during the War of the Triple Alliance also called The Paraguayan War   03/22/2020

19th Century > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Cantonal Leaders Leaders, captain and flag bearer od the Cantonal Revolution of 1873-1874 in Spain.   05/04/2020
Cantonal Troops Iberia Regiment and Cazadores de MendigorrĂ­a (army rebels)   05/04/2020

Early 20th > Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Basque Police   05/24/2017

Cold War > Middle East

Title Description Date Uploaded
Arab legion Officers 1948 British officer Jordan Arab Legion Officer Glubb Pasha (commander-in-chief)   03/22/2020
Arab Legion Vehicles Marmon-Herrington mkIV, Lorraine 37L with 2pdr gun   03/22/2020
Israeli Bren Carrier Israeli Bren Carrier Mk1 from Independence War (48) (Clive)   04/11/2020
Israeli HMG and AT gun Israeli XB53 HMG and PIAT (48)   04/11/2020
Jordan Arab legion 1948 5 different models of Jordan legionnaires   03/22/2020

Cold War > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Salvadorean HMGs Salvadorean HMGs (1969) Football War   03/22/2020

Modern > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Azeri Bayraktar TB2 Turkish UAV used by the Azeri air force to attack Armenia in 2020 Nagorno Karabaj war   01/15/2022