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Number of Figures Contributed 38

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Boudicca and Her Daughters   09/27/2014
Celtic Chariot   09/19/2014
Egyptian Infantry Standard Bearer, Sword, Axe, Spear, mace   10/31/2014
Greco-Roman Farmers   04/03/2015
Greco-Roman Maidens   04/03/2015
Greek Godesses Hera, Hestia, Pallas Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite, Artimis   10/24/2015
Greek Gods and Godesses Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Ares, Hephaestus, Dionysus, Hermes, Hera, Hestia, Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite, Artemis   10/31/2015
Roman Imperial Archers   05/02/2015

Medieval > Medieval 500 - 1500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Celtic Villagers   04/03/2015

Renaissance > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Famous Renaissance Figures Henry the Navigator, Vespucci, Thomas Moore, Columbus, John Cabot, Galileo   10/24/2015
French Nobility   05/02/2015
Ghibelline City of Arrezo   05/02/2015
Ghibelline City of Como   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Foligno   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Forli   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Grosseto   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Novara   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Pisa   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Treviso   04/18/2015
Ghibelline City of Urbino   04/18/2015
GhibellineCityofPavia   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Bologna   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Brescia   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Crema   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Florence   05/02/2015
Guelph City of Mantua   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Milan   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Padua   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Piacenza   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Reggio   04/18/2015
Guelph City of Tortona   04/18/2015

18th Century > Other

Title Description Date Uploaded
British East India Company   02/06/2016
Dutch East India Company   02/06/2016
Iroquois Indians (Micro-Scale)   11/11/2016
Pirates captain, First Mate, Crew   01/28/2017

Early 20th > Russian Civil War (1917-1922)

Title Description Date Uploaded
White Russians Cavalry, Dismounted Cavalry, Naval Forces, Commander, Expeditionary Forces   08/01/2016

Early 20th > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Dusenberg J Double Cowl Phaeton Automobile 1929   04/02/2016

WW2 > Miscellaneous

Title Description Date Uploaded
Greek Resistance   01/24/2015