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Number of Figures Contributed 6

19th Century > # American Civil War (1861-1865)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Confederate Officers Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery   02/12/2011

Sci-Fi > Alt-History

Title Description Date Uploaded
Spys cops and soldiers   02/11/2011

Fantasy > Fantasy

Title Description Date Uploaded
Fantasy Adventurers Orcs Goblins Skeletons trolls skeleton vampires.   02/06/2011
Fantasy Soldiers Romanesque Crocs, Ogres, and individuals to fight them.   02/06/2011
Quest for glory figures Hobb-goblins, Orcs, knights and viking   02/11/2011
Snakemen and Greek soldiers greek soldiers, egyptian-style snakemen and a few orcs   03/26/2011