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Number of Figures Contributed 19

19th Century > Colonial Wars

Title Description Date Uploaded
Abyssinian Army Infantry, Cavalry   Before Time
Britihs Royal Marines in 1880   01/21/2011
British Camel Corps 2 4 different, mounted and dismounted   Before Time
British Colonial 5 Khaki uniforms 12 different   Before Time
British Highlanders 1 Red uniforms 1882 - 1885, Black Watch (7), Gordon Highlanders (4), Cameroon Highlanders (4)   Before Time
British Highlanders 2 Same as above, Sudan 1884 - 1885   Before Time
British Highlanders 3 Same as above, Khaki, Sudan and India 1885 - 1902   Before Time
British Lancers and Dragoons Lancers blue and khaki, Dragoons red and khaki   Before Time
British Royal Marines 1880s, 7 different   Before Time
British Royal Marines (Boxer Rebellion) Summer & Winter Uniform   Before Time
Egyptian and Sudanese Infantry 6 of each, Gordon on a camel, Mounted Egyptian Officer   Before Time
French Marines (Boxer Rebellion) 6 different   Before Time
Italian Bersaglieri (Boxer Rebellion) 7 different   Before Time
US Marines (Boxer Rebellion) 10 different   Before Time
Zulu Warriors   Before Time

19th Century > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Bengal Lancers (1880-1930) Lancers and Officer   Before Time

WW2 > Poland

Title Description Date Uploaded
Free Polish 1st Armored 1 Rifle (4), Thompson SMG (2), Officer, Sten (2), Bren, Helmets and Berets   Before Time

WW2 > Britain & Commonwealth

Title Description Date Uploaded
Scottish Infantry 1 Rifle (3), Thompson SMG (2), Officer, Sten (2)   Before Time

Cold War > Western Europe & NATO

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Aden (1967) and Borneo Mad Mitch's' Argylls (5), Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (5), British Rifles Borneo (3) summer and winter uniforms   Before Time