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Early 20th > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
US Light Tanks 75mm HMC T3, Combat Car M1   02/19/2011

WW2 > Germany

Title Description Date Uploaded
Karl Morser Ammo Tender   Before Time
Karl Morser Mortar   Before Time
Opel Blitz Truck Grey, AA, Crates, Nebelwerfer, Medical   Before Time
Opel Blitz Truck Desert, AA, Crates, Nebelwerfer, Medical   Before Time
Panzer II L   Before Time
sIG 33B Self-Propelled Gun 3 Different, Black & White   Before Time
StuG III Assault Gun A, B, C/D, F, F/8, G (3)   Before Time

WW2 > Britain & Commonwealth

Title Description Date Uploaded
Canadian Tanks M3 Lee, Sherman Firefly   Before Time
Grant Tanks (Desert) 2 different   Before Time

WW2 > Soviet Union

Title Description Date Uploaded
Aerosled   01/15/2011
IS-3 Tank   Before Time

WW2 > Ships

Title Description Date Uploaded
Japanese Kirisima Battleship   Before Time
US Higgins LCM Carrying Tank, Troops   Before Time
US PT Boat   Before Time
USS Essex Carrier CV-9   Before Time
USS Fletcher Destroyer DD-445   Before Time

WW2 > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
101st Airborne 5 Parachuting, with Parachutes   Before Time
Armored Bulldozer   Before Time
B-25D Bomber   Before Time
B-25J   Before Time
Bell P-39 Airacobra 2 Different   Before Time
Bell P-400 Airacobra 2 Different, P-39   Before Time
C-47 Transport   Before Time
CCKW 353 Pontoon Bridge & Crane Crane, Truck w/ Pontoon, Deploying   Before Time
Dodge Staff Car   Before Time
Engineering Battalion M983, CAT 621B, CAT CS563, CAT D7G, CAT 140G   01/22/2011
GMC CCKW 353   01/21/2011
GMC Trucks 4 different   Before Time
GMC Trucks 3 different   Before Time
Jeep towing Quad .50   Before Time
LVT (A)-1 Amtrack   Before Time
M-7 Priest 2 Self-Propelled Artillery   Before Time
M-8 Greyhound Armored Car   Before Time
M12 M12 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery, M30 Cargo Carrier   01/08/2011
M18 Hellcat Tank   Before Time
M22 Locust Tank Airborne Light Tank (2)   Before Time
M24 Chaffee Tank 1   Before Time
M26 Pacific Tank Recovery Vehicle   Before Time
M26 Pacific with Trailer   Before Time
M29 Weasel   Before Time
M3 Lee Tank   Before Time
M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer and M35 Prime Mover   Before Time
M4 High Speed Tractor M4 Tractor, and Towing 8 inch Howitzer   Before Time
M4 Sherman Tank DD Duplex Drive amphibious variant, with screen down and screen raised (swimming)   Before Time
M4 Sherman Tanks 75mm Gun, Dozer, Mine Roller, M4A2 USMC   Before Time
M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo   Before Time
M4A3E8 Tank 76mm, w/ skirts   Before Time
Northrop P-61A-1 Black Widow   Before Time
P-38J-15   Before Time
P-40 Burma   Before Time
P-40 Pearl Harbor   Before Time
P-47 Fighter Lt. Col. Wayne Blickenstaff   Before Time
P-47 Fighter Lt. Ray Murphy   Before Time
P-47 Thundebolt 2 Different, Bomb Trailer   Before Time
P-47D Razorback Lt. Don Kearns   Before Time
P-47D Thundebolt Major Henry Kucheman   Before Time
P-47N Thundebolt 2 Different   Before Time
P-51 Mustang Lt. "Kit" Carson, 2 Different   Before Time
P-51 Mustang Lt. William Young   Before Time
P-51 Mustang Capt. Chuck Yeager   Before Time
P-51 Mustang   Before Time
P-51 Mustang   Before Time
P-61A-1 Night Fighter   Before Time
P-61B-2 Night Fighter   Before Time
Quad .50 MG   Before Time
T-28 Heavy Tank Prototype   Before Time
Tank Battalion M4A3E8, Jeeps, Trucks, Half-Tracks   03/12/2011
Truck Bomb Service 2 1/2 Ton Truck, Bomb Service   12/22/2012
Truck towing Quad .50   Before Time
USMC M4A2 Tanks 5 Different   Before Time
USMC M4A2 Tanks 3 Different   Before Time
Waco Glider   Before Time
WC 63   Before Time
White Model 444 Cargo Truck 2 different   Before Time

Cold War > Korean War (1950-1953)

Title Description Date Uploaded
M38 Jeep Jeep, Jeep w/ Trailer (2)   Before Time
M39   Before Time
M40 Big Shot Self-Propelled Artillery   Before Time
M4A3E8 HVSS Tank   Before Time
Sherman Flame Tank   Before Time
US HMC M41 155mm Howitzer, 2 different   Before Time
US M19 Anti-Aircraft Gun Twin Bofors 40mm, 2 different   Before Time
US M24 Chaffee Tank 3 different   Before Time
US M38 Jeep With & Without MG & Trailer   Before Time
US M46 Tanks 3 Different   Before Time

Cold War > Vietnam War (1947-1954, 1957-1975)

Title Description Date Uploaded
A-6 Intruder Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 224   01/29/2011
Australian M113 3 different   Before Time
Gun Truck 8 Quad .50 cal   Before Time
M113 and M577 2 of each   Before Time
M274 Mule 3 Tractor / Light Truck w/ 106mm Recoilless Rifle   Before Time
M41 Walker Bulldog Tanks   Before Time
M548 Cargo Carrier (2), Quad .50   Before Time
M551 Sheridan   01/21/2011
M551 Sheridan Tank   Before Time
M561 Gama Goat Utility Vehicle (2), Ambulance   Before Time
M577 Command Command Post Carrier, w/ and w/out Command Post Deployed   Before Time
Sikorsky H34 Seahorse Helicopter Jeff High   Before Time
US 720th Military Police Bttn   Before Time
US AFVs USMC M48A2 Tank, M42 Duster   Before Time
US Amphibian Tractors LVTPS, LVTAAX1, LVTP5A1   Before Time
US Bell SK-5 ACV Air Cushion Vehicle   Before Time
US Engineering Brigade Shovel, Truck, Tanker, Tractor, Dozer   02/25/2012
US F-111A Combat Lancer   Before Time
US M51 Armored Recovery Vehicle USMC, 3rd Tank Battalion   02/05/2011
US M55 Howitzer   Before Time
US M551 Sheridan   Before Time
US M578 Recovery Vehicle 3 Different   Before Time
US OH6 Loach Helicopter Flying, Landed   Before Time
US VF-84 Jolly Rogers   12/27/2010
USMC LVTP5 With Mine Plow   02/19/2011
V100 Armored Car   Before Time

Cold War > Africa

Title Description Date Uploaded
South African Valkiri 2 different   Before Time

Cold War > Western Europe & NATO

Title Description Date Uploaded
Australian Leopard Tank   Before Time
British Centurion Tank MK3 & MK5, Suez Crisis 1956   Before Time
British Rapier Air Defense Missile 3 Different   Before Time
Canadian Centurion Tank 2 Different   Before Time
Canadian Leopard 2A4 Tank Green, Woodland Camo   Before Time
French AMX30 Tanks   Before Time
German Bridge Layer   01/15/2011
German Jaguar Tank Destroyer   Before Time
German Leopard 1A5   Before Time
German Schutzenpanzer Lang JS 30 IFV, Anti-Tank   05/28/2011
M-113 M220 TOW, M163 Vulcan, M106 Mortar   Before Time
M103 Tank M103, M103A2, Black & White Outline   Before Time
M247 Sgt. York Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon   Before Time
M48A5 AVLB Bridge Layer   Before Time
M48A5 Tank 105mm gun   Before Time
M60A3 Patton Tank Green, Sand, Camo   Before Time
Swedish STRV 103 S Tank   Before Time
US Convair F-102A   07/02/2011
US Davey Crockett Mobile Launchers   11/19/2011
US Hawk Missile Launcher M192, AN/MPQ-61, AN/MPQ-62 towed & deployed, M727   Before Time
US M-109 Howitzer   02/25/2011
US M-47 Tank   Before Time
US M3 Bradley 3 different   Before Time
US M60 Tank 2 Different   Before Time
US M60A2 Patton Tank 2 different   Before Time
US MGM-52 Lance Missile Jeff High   Before Time
US Prototype Jeeps T28 Halftrack, T14 6/x w/ Trailer, Towing AA Gun   Before Time
US T39 Combat Engineer Tank 165mm Gun   02/12/2011
West German Leopard Tank Green, Woodland Camo   Before Time
West German Marder 1   Before Time

Cold War > Soviet Union & Warsaw Pact

Title Description Date Uploaded
BMP-1 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle   Before Time
BRDM 1 ATGM Carrier   Before Time
BTR-152 APC   Before Time
BVP M80A IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle   Before Time
MAZ Transporters 7410, 7310   Before Time
SA-3 GOA Surface-to-Air Missile Low Blow' missile launcher and radar tracking unit   Before Time
SA-9 Gaskin Surface-to-Air Missile Vehicle   Before Time
Soviet 2S3 152mm Artillery Self-Propelled Gun   Before Time
Soviet BTR 50 Armored Personnel Carrier   Before Time
Soviet Frog 7 Missile Launcher   Before Time
Soviet PT-76 Light Tank 3 Different   Before Time
Soviet T-62 Tank Green (2), Sand (2), Camo   Before Time
Soviet T-64A Tank   Before Time
Soviet ZSU 23-4 Anti-Aircraft Vehicle   Before Time

Cold War > Middle East

Title Description Date Uploaded
Israeli Super Sherman Tank M50, M51   Before Time

Cold War > Asia

Title Description Date Uploaded
Chinese Type 63 APC   Before Time
Japanese Type 74 Tank 3 Different   Before Time

Modern > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
Caterpillar DV100 Earth Mover   Before Time
LAV 25 TOW   Before Time
M1 Abrams Panther Mine Roller 2 Different   Before Time
M1 Abrams Tanks Dozers   11/05/2011
M1 Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge   Before Time
M1128 Stryker 105mm Mobile Gun System   Before Time
M60 Panther Mine Clearer Mine Clearing Roller and MICLIC Launcher   12/15/2012
M728 Combat Engineering Vehicle   Before Time
M88 Recovery Vehicle   01/21/2011
M88A1 Recovery Vehicle 2 different   Before Time
M9 ACE Combat Engineering Vehicle   Before Time
M901 ITV Improved Tow Vehicle, 3 Different   Before Time
M920 Truck Bulk Trailer, Fuel Trailer   02/12/2011
M981A3 Fist-V 3 Different   Before Time
OH-58B/C Helicopter US Army   Before Time
OH-58D Kiowa Helicopter US Army   Before Time
TOW 2 Anti-Tank Missile Team   Before Time
US Anti-Tank Infantry AT Weapons BGM-71 TOW, LAW, M47 Dragon   01/01/2011
US M151A2 BGM-71 TOW Jeep   01/01/2011
US M274A5 Mule TOW Launcher   01/01/2011

Modern > European

Title Description Date Uploaded
British CVR(T) 1 FV101 Scorpion, FV102 Striker, FV103 Spartan, FV104 Samaritan   Before Time
British CVR(T) 2 FV105 Sultan, FV106 Samson, FV107 Scimitar   Before Time
British FV432 APC and Medic, Desert and Green   Before Time
British FV622 Stalwart Amphibious Truck   Before Time
Swedish Bandvagn 206 All-Terrain Carrier   Before Time

Modern > Russia & Former Soviet Union

Title Description Date Uploaded
Russian 2S1 Gvozdika Self-Propelled Artillery   Before Time
Russian BM-27 Rocket Launcher   Before Time
Russian BMD AFVs BMD-3, BMD-4, Camo and Green   Before Time
Russian BMP-2 3 Different   Before Time
Russian IMR 1 CEV Combat Engineering Vehicle   08/06/2011
Russian MAZ-537 Heavy Transport Trailer Cab, Cab w/ Trailer, Carrying Tank   Before Time
Russian Mi-28 Havoc   Before Time
Russian SA13 Gopher 4 Different   Before Time
Russian T-80U Tank   Before Time

Modern > Middle East & Near East

Title Description Date Uploaded
Iraqi 2S1 122mm Self-Propelled Artillery   Before Time
Iraqi ZSU 23-4 Anti-Aircraft Vehicle   Before Time

Modern > Canada

Title Description Date Uploaded
6x6 Armor Cougar, Grizzly   02/19/2012

Modern > Civilian Vehicles

Title Description Date Uploaded
CAT 525 Grapple Skidder Construction Equipment   Before Time

Modern > Central & South America

Title Description Date Uploaded
Argentinean Light Tank TAM Light Tank   Before Time
Argentinean Rocket Launcher VCLC Multiple Launch Rocket System, VCTP Personnel Carrier   Before Time
Argentinian TAM 301 APC VCPC Command Post, VCRT Recovery Vehicle   Before Time
Colombian Army M8/M55   Before Time

Sci-Fi > Science Fiction & Alternative History

Title Description Date Uploaded
US Walker/ Mech   03/11/2012