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Number of Figures Contributed 57

18th Century > American Revolution (1775 - 1783)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Brunswick Infantry von Rhetz Regiment, von Bamer Light Infantry   Before Time
French Infantry Bourbonnois Regt 1776 & 1779   Before Time
Hess-Cassel Infantry Ditfurth Regiment, von Rall Grenadiers, Officers, Flags   Before Time
Spanish Cavalry Carabineros, Dragoons of America, Dragoons of Mexico   Before Time
Spanish Infantry Louisiana Regt, Grenadier Company   Before Time

18th Century > French Revolution (1789 - 1799)

Title Description Date Uploaded
French 10 Siege of Toulon   Before Time

19th Century > Napoleonic Era (1799-1815) & War of 1812

Title Description Date Uploaded
Allied Commanders Wellington, Hill, Paget, Somerset, Ponsonby, Picton, Prince William of Orange, Frederick William, Blucher, Gneisenau, Ziethen   Before Time
Austrian Advanced Guard Commanders Frimont, Wetzel, Gyurkovics, Boxich, von Rakos   05/10/2014
Austrian Cavalry 2 11th La Tour Regt of Chevaux Leger   Before Time
Austrian General's Staff   05/10/2014
Austrian Generals 24 Different   Before Time
Austrian Infantry 7 1805, Fusilier Company, Officer, Flag   Before Time
Austrian Infantry 8 1805, grey uniforms   Before Time
Bavarian Artillery   10/15/2011
Bavarian Artillery   10/15/2011
Bavarian Chevaux-Legers   09/02/2011
Bavarian Commanders   09/02/2011
Bavarian Dragoons   10/15/2011
Bavarian Dragoons   10/15/2011
Bavarian Engineers   10/15/2011
Bavarian Garrison Troops   10/15/2011
Bavarian Infantry Chasseur, Grenadier, Schutzen, Officers   09/02/2011
Bavarian Infantry Fusiliers, Grenadier, Schutzen, Officers   09/02/2011
Bavarian Staff Officers   09/02/2011
British Commanders   03/09/2012
British Dragoons Dragoons, Bugler, Officer, 7 Different   Before Time
British Dragoons Dragoons, Bugler, Officer, 6 Different   Before Time
British Heavy Cavalry 1st King's Dragoons, 1st Royal Dragoons, 2nd North British Dragoons   Before Time
British Household Cavalry Royal Horse Guards, 1st & 2nd Life Guards   Before Time
British Hussars Hussars, Bugler, Officer, 4 Different   Before Time
British Infantry 1st Reg. of Foot, Centre, Grenadier, and Light Companies, Early Uniforms   Before Time
British Infantry 40th Infantry Regiment   03/09/2012
British Light Dragoons Dragoons, Bugler, Officer, 6 Different   Before Time
British Light Dragoons Dragoons, Bugler, Officer, 6 Different   Before Time
British Light Dragoons Dragoons, Bugler, Officer, 3 Different   Before Time
British Light Dragoons 8th King's Royal Irish Dragoons   Before Time
French 1st Swiss Regiment Fusiliers, Grenadiers, Voltigeurs, Artillery, General   Before Time
French 3rd Foreign Regiment (Irish) Chasseurs, Carabiniers, Voltigeurs   Before Time
French Commanders (Waterloo) Napoleon, Ney, Jerome Bonaparte, Douot, Friant, Cambronne, Drouet, Grouchy, Gerard, Duhesme, Milhaud, Kellerman, Mouton   Before Time
French Engineers Engineers, Miners, Firemen, Survey, Train, Siege   Before Time
French Light Infantry Chasseurs, Carabiniers, Voltigeurs, Artillery   Before Time
French Line Infantry Fusiliers, Grenadiers, Voltiguers, Artillery   Before Time
French Middle Guard Fusilier-Grenadiers, Fusilier-Chasseurs, Marines de la Garde   Before Time
French Neufchatel Battalion Fusiliers, Grenadiers, Voltigeurs, Artillery   Before Time
French Old Guard 1st Regt of Grenadiers, Chasseurs   Before Time
French Service Troops Medical, Supply, Others   Before Time
French Vistula Legion Fusiliers, Grenadiers, Voltigeurs   Before Time
French Westphalian Battalion Fusiliers   Before Time
French Young Guard Tirailleurs-Chasseurs, Tirailleurs-Grenadiers, Flanquers-Grenadiers, Flanquers-Chasseurs   Before Time
Napoleon's Family Armies Eugene De Beauharnais, Italian Guard of Honnor, Italian Chasseurs, Line Infantry, Light Infantry, Louis Bonaparte, Dutch Cuirassiers, Dutch Red Lancers, Line Infantry, Line Grenadiers, Jerome Bonaparte, Westphalian Garde Du Corps, Line Infantry, Grenadier Guards, Joseph Bonaparte, Spanish Lancers, Line Infantry   Before Time
Prussian Commanders Prince Augustus, Gneisenau, Blucher, Pfuel, Yorck   05/07/2011
Prussian Guard Infantry Grenadiers, Fusiliers   05/07/2011
Prussian Hussars   05/07/2011
Prussian Infantry Musketeers, Fusiliers, Jaegers, Officers   05/07/2011
Prussian Infantry Silesian Grenadiers   05/07/2011
Prussian Staff Officers   05/07/2011

19th Century > Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Russian Infantry 5 IRegular and Campaign Uniform, Flag, Gen. Skobelev   Before Time