Graham Harrison

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Number of Figures Contributed 10

Top Downs > Ancients

Title Description Date Uploaded
Sassanid Persians Cataphracts, Cavalry, Light Horse, Spearmen   Before Time

Top Downs > Medieval

Title Description Date Uploaded
kinights 3 Mounted Knights, Dismounted Knights, Heavy Spearmen, Medium Spearmen, Archers, Crossbows, Peasant Levy   Before Time
Lancastrian Battle of Towton, Duke of Somerset (3), Duke of Exeter (3), Earl of Northumberland (3), Lord Hungerford, Lord Welles, Lord Dacre   Before Time
Viking Archers (3), Poor Bondi (3), Rich Bondi (3), Hirdmen (3), General, Subordinate General   Before Time
Yorkist Battle of Towton, House of York (3), Earl of Warwick (3), Duke of Suffolk (3), Mounted Men-at-Arms, Earl of Arundel, Lord Fauconberg   Before Time

Top Downs > 19th Century

Title Description Date Uploaded
Austrian Infantry in Waffenfrocks and Greatcoats, Jaegers, Artillery (2), Cuirassiers, Dragoons (2), Uhlans, Hussars (2)   Before Time
Hanover Guard Infantry, Line Infantry, Jaegers, Hussars (2), Guard du Corps, Cuirassier, Dragoons (2), Artillery (2)   Before Time
Hesse-Kassel Life Guards, Infantry, Jaegers, Garde du Corps, Lifeguard Hussars, Hussars, Artillery   Before Time
Prussian Infantry, Jaegers, Uhlans, Dragoons, Cuirassier, Hussars, Artillery   Before Time
Saxony Guard Infantry, Jaegers, Infantry (2), Uhlans, Reiter (3), Guard Reiter, Foot Artillery, Horse Artillery   Before Time