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Number of Figures Contributed 24

Early 20th > World War I Ground Forces (1914-1918)

Title Description Date Uploaded
ANZAC Infantry Officer, Riflemen, Grenadiers, MG Crew, Prisoners, Medic, Wounded, Stretchers, Supplies   04/30/2011
Australian Light Horse Mounted (7), Dismounted   Before Time
British Infantry (Gallipoli) Officers, Bombers, Rifles, MG, Prisoners, Surgeon, Stretchers, Wounded, Runner, Supplies   05/07/2011
French Foreign Legion Gallipoli Campaign   09/29/2012

Early 20th > American Gangsters (1920's - 1930's)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Gangsters and Lawmen Police, G-Men, Gangsters, Bystandes, Vehicles   02/04/2012

WW2 > France

Title Description Date Uploaded
Tanks AMR 33, AMR 35 (9), Crew   Before Time

WW2 > Germany

Title Description Date Uploaded
Mountain Troops G-38, Sniper, Stg-44, MP-40, MP-41, Kar, MG-42, Panzerschreck, MG-34, Skis and Snow Shoes   Before Time

WW2 > Britain & Commonwealth

Title Description Date Uploaded
Infantry (Desert) Rifle, Bren, Pistol, SMG, Sniper   Before Time

WW2 > Miscellaneous

Title Description Date Uploaded
Mortars and Radios US Army & Paratrooper, German, Canadian, Japanese, Soviet, British Army & Paratrooper, US Marine, Australian   Before Time
Resistance Fighters Civilian Clothing, 12 Different   Before Time

WW2 > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
Armored Infantry (1944) Camo, ATG, HMG, Bazooka Team, SMG, SHotgun, BAR, Medic, Officer, Runner, Rifles, Armored Cars, Half-Tracks   Before Time
Infantry (Battle of the Bulge) SMG, RIfle, BAR, Medic, Pistol, Sniper, Jeep   Before Time
Marine Paratroopers 7 different   Before Time
Marines Early War, 10 different   Before Time
Marines (Iwo Jima) Rifle, Carbine, Thompson, Sniper, BAR, Vehicle Crew, Navajo Code Talker, Corpsman, Bazooka Team, Flamethrower   Before Time
Navy Vehicle Crew (Pacific) Thompson, Grease Gun, Pistol   Before Time
WW2 Early war US Marines   01/21/2011

Cold War > Vietnam War (1947-1954, 1957-1975)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Anzac Radio, M-97, M-60, Medic, L1A1 (5)   Before Time
Anzac Radio, F-1, M-60, L1A1 (5), M-79, Aboriginal Scouts (2)   Before Time
Anzac SAS Radio, F-1, M-60, L1A1 (2)   Before Time

Cold War > Western Europe & NATO

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Infantry (Malayan Emergency) Rifles, SMGs, Bren, Carbine   Before Time

Cold War > Asia

Title Description Date Uploaded
Fijian Army Rifles, SMGs, Bren, Carbine   Before Time
Ghurkan Army Rifles, SMGs, Bren, Carbine   Before Time
Malayan Army Rifles, SMGs, Bren   Before Time