Junior General Designers

TaylorA BCW Luke Bunyip James Byers
Daniel Casquilho
Clive Rob Dear DJV Joshua Downes Thomas Englehardt
Austen Bert Ford Matt Fritz Andrew Golden John Gypson
Daniel Harper Ben Harvey

Josh Hazelton

Matt Hazelton Jeff High

Jacob Johnson


Michael Krein
Alex Kremer
George Lopez
Judiel Lumbad
Virgilio Mancini Martyn Mark Mayfield

Sean McDonough

Mic McGoldrick
Dan Meijiers Max Monroe Major Munro Long Nguyen Jonathan Nikitas
Jon Oldham Pedro Pato Christoph Patzer Peter Pellegrino Rod Redden
Paul Rogers Jakub Sawicki Jan Schlurmann Panzer Wolf Dirk Schoenberger
Leonhard Siegmeier Matt Smith Michael Smith Stephen Smith Matt T
Tau0011 Roham Tavakkoli Teodor John Thiessen Half-Track
Ernesto Tramontana Scott Turner Old Tyke Ungern Matt Unsworth
Vizenz Jim Walton Brandon Wells Dalton Wilson Edward Wilson

Matt Smith
October 3rd
Email: marhar(at) eskimobob.com
Occupation: Student
Location: Canada
Favorite Historical Period: The Middle Ages, WWII
Favorite Historical Personality:
Other Hobbies:
Building models, playing video games
Jon Oldham
Febuary 8
Email: theherm2 (at) optonline.net
Occupation: Health Inspector
Location: Bridgeport, CT
Birthplace: Bridgeport, CT
Favorite Historical Period: 6000BC to 2005AD, can never decide
Favorite Historical Personality: James michael Curley
Other Hobbies: Golf, Reading, computer games
Bill Molyneaux
April 18
Email: bmolyn6120 (at) aol.com
Occupation: Sales rep candy company
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Birthplace: NY land of IBM
Favorite Historical Period: Zulu land
Favorite Historical Personality: Teddy Roosevelt
Other Hobbies: PR man for the band Flock of Seagulls
Alex "Evilnames" Kremer
Email: Evilnames (AT) gmail.com
Occupation: Student (College)
Location: Arizona
Birthplace: Ohio
Favorite Historical Period: Renaissance/ Crusades
Other Hobbies : Computer Programming, Game Design
Pedro Pato
Feb. 17
Email: pedropato2000 (at) yahoo.com.br
Occupation: student
Location: Évora, Portugal
Birthplace: Évora
Favorite Historical Period: French Revolution and
Favorite Historical Personality: Napoleon
Other Hobbies: toy soldier casting, modeling
Panzer Wolf
Location: North Dakota
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Favorite Historical Period: World War II
Favorite Historical Personality: Heinz Guderian
Other Hobbies: Drawing, writing
James Byers
Student, it keeps me occupied
Location: Maryland, Near D.C.
Birthplace: Washington D.C.
Favorite Historical Period: Anything up til 1945
Favorite Historical Personalities: Voltaire, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robespierre
Other Hobbies: Filmaking, reading, writing, thinking, Battlefield visiting
Favorite War: Jacobite Rebellions 1689-1746
Favorite Regiment: The Irish Brigade
Favorite Battle: Killiecrankie 1689
Cmdr Pete Pellegrino, USN
peter.pellegrino (at) nwc.navy.mil
Occupation: Faculty, War Gaming Department, US Naval War College
Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Favorite Historical Period: 1800-1900's naval warfare
Dirk Schoenberger
April 12
Email: dirk.schoenberger (at) freenet.de
Location: Dresden, Saxony, Germany
Birthplace: Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (GDR)
Favorite Historical Period: 18th & 19th century
Other Hobbies: Flags (vexillology), anything related to lists (as in "uniform list") and patterns
Sept. 15
Email: jcpakwatemettre (at) hotmail.com
Occupation: I'm joining the French army soon
Location: Verdun, France
Birthplace: Frejus, France
Favorite Historical Period: all
Favorite Historical Personality: General von Ungern-Stemberg
Other Hobbies: Collecting and restoring military  equipment
Scott Turner
Emergency Medical Technician
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Birthplace: Portsmouth VA, but we left while I was still little (my father was in the Navy).
Favorite Historical Period: Victorian England, and Ancient Greece (mid 500 to mid 200 BC-ish)
Favorite Historical Personality: Xenophon and Admiral Lord Nelson
Other Hobbies: Reading, 3-gun competition and hiking in the Portland area
George Lopez
pandapilot7 (at) gmail.com
URL: www.pbreview.com

Occupation: Student
Favorite Historical Period: World War 2
Favorite Historical Personality: I personally like Stalin's method of war, TOTAL WAR
Other Hobbies: Paintball, Wargaming, Computer First person Shooters, Futball, Basketball, American Football.
Matt Fritz
April 21
Email: matt-fritz@comcast.net
Occupation: Teacher
Location: South Jersey, USA
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Historical Period: Colonial Africa
Favorite Historical Personality: Henry Morton Stanley
Other Hobbies: Skydiving, Cat Juggling, Alligator Wrestling, Telling Outrageous Lies
Long Nguyen
August 27
Email: gundam999@sbcglobal.net
Occupation: student
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Favorite Historical Period: WWII and Napoleonic
Favorite Historical Personality: Sun Tzu - " A real man die in front of his ranks!"
Other Hobbies: Sleep, read, stare at stuff
Mic McGoldrick
Near Philadelphia, PA
Birthplace: Near Philadelphia, PA
Favorite Historical Period: Colonial and WW II
Other Hobbies: Motorcycles & Scotch (but not at the same time)
 Old Tyke
Yorkshire, England
Birthplace: Yorkshire
Favorite Historical Period: 18th & 19th Centuries
Other Hobbies: Hiking & Reading
Ernesto Tramontana -tra956
July 3
Email: ernesto.tramontana (at) Fastwebnet.it
Occupation: Operaio
Location: Roma, Italy
Birthplace: Roma
Favorite Historical Period:WW II
Favorite Historical Personality: MedioEvo
Other Hobbies: Modellismo
Joshua Downes
December 11
Email: avengerjd (at) yahoo.com
Occupation: student
Location: Arlington, VA
Birthplace: Arlington, VA
Favorite Historical Period: Civil War/Colonial
Favorite Historical Personality: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Other Hobbies: Swimming, running, basketball and computer games
Rob D
Lab Manager
Location: Oxford, UK
Favorite Historical Period: Dark Ages or WW II
Favorite Historical Personality: King Harold
Other Hobbies: Mountain Biking
Paul Rogers
September 12
Location: Newcastle, UK
Birthplace: Northeast England
Favorite Historical Period: Vietnam & Modern
Favorite Historical Personality: Col. Hal Moore
Other Hobbies: Rugby, Building Models. Computer Games
Jakub Sawicki "Kuba"
April 3
Email: kub9@interia.pl
Location: Lukow, Poland
Birthplace: Lukow
Favorite Historical Period: WW II
Other Hobbies: Soccer, Building Models
Andrew E. Golden
December 15
Occupation: Student
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Other Hobbies: Slot Cars
Rod Redden
May 27
Occupation: English as a Second Language Teacher
Location: Toyama, Japan
Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)
Favorite Historical Period: 1680-1815 Colonial Wars, 1950-Present
Favorite Historical Personality: Col Jean Paul Masscarene
Other Hobbies: re-enacting FIW and AWI, Travel, Cycling, Reading
Stephen D. Smith
February 6
Email: stephendsmith@acd.net
Occupation: Medical Field
Location: Michigan
Birthplace: Michigan
Favorite Historical Period: French & Indian War, American Revolution, War of 1812
Favorite Historical Personality: Francis Marion (Swamp Fox)
Other Hobbies: Growing native wild flowers, wild life photography
Matt T (Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner)
Birthplace: New Hampsire, USA
Favorite Historical Period: Marlburiain & American Revolution
Favorite Historical Personality: The Duke of Marlborough
Other Hobbies: Re-enactor with the 3rd NY Regt. 1775
Luke Bunyip
August 12
Email: bunyip (at) mmnet.com.au
Occupation: Technical teacher at an agricultural training college
Location: Newstead, Victoria, Australia
Birthplace: Sydney Australia
Favorite Historical Period: Eastern Front WWI, Palestine WWI, Russian Civil War, Chinese Warlords, Spanish Civil War
Favorite Historical Personality: Brusilov, Zhukov, Shostakovich, Ataturk, Macchiaveli
Other Hobbies: Botany, Gardening, performing quality control on samples of single malt whiskey
Ben Harvey
supercheesemonkey (at) hotmail.com
Location: Canada
Birthplace: Canada
Favorite Historical Period: Medieval & Renaissance
Other Hobbies: Drawing and writing comics, making fire without matches
July 8
Email: ewewoolknit (at) yahoo.com
Occupation: Resort rental manager
Location: Vermont
Birthplace: New York
Favorite Historical Period: 19th Century
Favorite Historical Personality: George Gordon Meade
Other Hobbies: Sketching, writing, painting, travel
June 23
Email: mrmyfld1 (at) aol.com
Occupation: Outside Sales
Location: Nashville Tennessee (Nash-Vegas)
Birthplace: Land of Lincoln, Illinois
Favorite Historical Period: Post Colonial Era
Favorite Historical Personality: Winston Churchill
Jacob Johnson
December 2
Email: sirjacob1991 (at) aol.com
URL: Myspace.com/sehnsuchtboy
Occupation: Student, part time babysitter, lawn worker
Location: Martinsburg, West Virginia
Birthplace: Bakersfield, California
Favorite Historical Period: Imperial Colonial, WWI, but mostly WWII
Favorite Historical Personality: Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox)
Other Hobbies: Medieval (SCA) and WW II Reenactments
Michael Smith
Oct. 27
Email: sarge2172 (at) alltel.net
Occupation: Student
Location: Donaldsville Georgia (US)
Birthplace:Albany Georgia
Favorite Historical Period: Modern Era
Favorite Historical Personality: Patton
Other Hobbies: Drawing
Leonhard Siegmeier
May 13
Email: staatsheld (at) hotmail.com
URL: karabinerklub.2page.de
Occupation: Student and First Sgt. of Airsoftclub
Location: Negast Germany
Birthplace: Stralsund
Favorite Historical Period:World War II
Favorite Historical Personality: Soldiers of 506th Easy Company
Other Hobbies: Airsoft, Computer Games
Virgilio Mancini
April 5
Email: virggyrm80 (at) yahoo.it
Occupation: Employee
Location: Rome, Italy
Birthplace: Rome, Italy
Favorite Historical Period:19th  & 20th Centuries
Favorite Historical Personality: Salvador Allende, Richard Sorge
Other Hobbies: Music, Football, News
Dalton Wilson
August 13
Email: gnome93 (at) hotmail.com
Occupation: Student
Location: Roseburg, Oregon
Birthplace: Roseburg, Oregon
Favorite Historical Period: WWI Trench Warfare
Favorite Historical Personality: Patton
Other Hobbies: Wrecking my bike, Video Games, NFL, Dancing in the rain
Jan Schlurmann
August 9
Occupation: Research Asst., Kiel U.
Location: Kiel, Germany
Birthplace:  Flensburg, Germany
Favorite Historical Period: 19th Century (1815 - 1899), 1919 - 1939
Favorite Historical Personality: The unknown research assistant
Other Hobbies: Fencing (sport & historical)
April 17
Email: taylorsallen (at) yahoo.com
URL: taylorsallen.net
Occupation: Student, militaria dealer
Location: Naples, Florida
Birthplace: Naples, Florida
Favorite Historical Period: Queen Anne's drill to the armistice
Favorite Historical Personality: Cpl 'Baron' von Steuben
Other Hobbies: Reenacting, collecting militaria (Napoleonic, WWI, WWII, Space Race), collecting antique books, collecting pith helmets
Max Monroe
August 31
Email: max5monroe (at) yahoo.com
Occupation: Student
Location: Summerville, South Carolina
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Favorite Historical Period: World War II
Favorite Historical Personality: Emiliano Zapata
Other Hobbies: Airsoft, Paintball
Sean McDonough
October 5
Email: seanmcdonough (at) hotmail.com
Occupation: US Military
Location: In Transition
Birthplace: New York
Favorite Historical Period: Ancient to Modern Military
Favorite Historical Personality: Early US Navy Captains
Other Hobbies: Reading
Christoph Patzer
March 20
Email: faltenjohnny (at) web.de
Occupation: Student
Location: Straslund, Germany
Birthplace:Straslund, Germany
Favorite Historical Period: World War II
Favorite Historical Personality: German Soldiers (WWII)
Other Hobbies: Airsoft, Model Making, Computer
John Thiessen
September 3rd
tlake_football (at) yahoo.com
La Grande, OR
Salem, OR
Favorite Historical Period:
Ancient and Medieval European History
Favorite Historical Personality:
General Robert E. Lee
Other Hobbies:
Paintball, Reading, Football, Horseback Riding
Location: Minnesota
Favorite Historical Period: Byzantium
Other Hobbies: Wargaming, Writing, Film Making, Accidentally hurting myself (aka model making)
Jonathan Nikitas
November 29
Email: phantom934 AT hotmail.com
Occupation: College history major & bookkeeper
Location: Bluffton, South Carolina
Birthplace: Charleston, South Carolina
Favorite Historical Period: Ancient to Medieval, WWI to Modern
Favorite Historical Personality: Alexander the Great & Maj. Erich Hartmann
Other Hobbies: Collecting Luftwaffe items, reading
Occupation: Student
Location: B.C. Canada
Birthplace: B.C. Canada
Favorite Historical Period: WWII
Favorite Historical Personality: Rommel
Other Hobbies: Hockey, Baseball, Video Games
Roham Tavakkoli
June 9
Email: rohum_kajookee AT hotmail.com
Occupation: Full time history geek & student
Location: Toronto, Canada
Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
Favorite Historical Period: Ancient Middle East & Europe
Favorite Historical Personality: Cyrus the Great
Other Hobbies: TV, Swimming, Biking, Music
Daniel Casquilho
Sept. 7
Email: danielc AT earthlink.net
Occupation: Manager, sourcing & procurement for entertainment company
Location: Burbank, CA
Birthplace: Huntington Park, CA
Favorite Historical Period: Post WWII or Cold War era
Favorite Historical Personality: George S. Patton
Other Hobbies: Movies, Reading, Collecting Miniatures (15 mm)
Feb. 14
Email: vizenz666 AT yahoo.de
Occupation: NCO in German Airborne Bttn
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Birthplace: Bavaria, Germany
Favorite Historical Period: Bavarian history, Napoleonic wars, WWII
Favorite Historical Personality: Napoleon, every brave soldier in history
Other Hobbies: Learning English, Running, Collecting Militaria, Drawing on the computer
Oct. 13
Location:  USA
Birthplace:  USA
Favorite Historical Period: Modern
Favorite Historical Personality: Master Sgt. Gary Gordon, Sergeant First Class Randall Shughart
Other Hobbies:  Sports
Michael Krein
Birthday: Jan. 30
Occupation: Student
Location: Germany
Favorite Historical Period: Ancient World, 20th Century
Favorite Historical Personality: Sun Tzu
Other Hobbies: Drawing, Programming, Badminton
URL: www.michaelkrein.deviantart.com
Dan Harper / DHarper
Jun 16
Email: f102467 at hotmail.co.uk
Occupation: Student
Location: Ireland
Favorite Historical Period: Napoleonic era
Favorite Historical Personality: Jack Churchill
Brandon Wells
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Birthplace: Nova Scotia, Canada
Favorite Historical Period: Vietnam War, WWII
Other Hobbies: Painting & Building Miniatures, BrikWars, Re-enacting
Same as last year
Occupation: Second in command of the teapot
Location: Essex, England
Birthplace: Bedford, England
Favorite Historical Period: From Cavemen to now
Favorite Historical Personality: Ordinary people
Other Hobbies: Model Railways
Tau0011 (Sean Brewer)
March, 23
Email: tau0011 (at) yahoo.com
Occupation: Student
Location: Springfield, VA
Birthplace: Leesburg, VA
Favorite Historical Period: Victorian Era to WWI
Favorite Historical Personality: Paul von Leetow-Vorbek
Other Hobbies: Modeling, Writing Novels
Major Munro
Location: Scotland
Birthplace: Scotland
Favorite Historical Period: British Empire, Cold War, Scottish Wars of Independence
Favorite Historical Personality: Gen. Charles Gordon
Other Hobbies: Reading, Shooting, Sports
Judiel Lumbad
April 28
Email: ramon_lumbad (at) yahoo.com
Occupation: Student, Air Soft sniper
Location: Manila, Phillipines
Birthplace: Tondo, Manila
Favorite Historical Period: Modern, WWII
Favorite Historical Personality: Vassili Zaitsev
Other Hobbies: Drawing, Wargaming, Movies
Jeff High
Dec. 10
Email: jhigh13 (at) yahoo.com
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Sales Rep
Location: Tacoma, WA
Birthplace: Seattle
Favorite Historical Period: WWII - Current
Favorite Historical Personality: Gen. Patton
Other Hobbies: Collecting and restoring military vehicles and equipment
Occupation: Student
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Birthplace: Skopje
Favorite Historical Period:  WWII
Favorite Historical Personality: Vassili Zaitsev
Other Hobbies: Modeling, Basketball, PC Games