The Junior General Forum

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The Junior General Forum

By now you've hopefully browsed around the site a bit and seen a few of the thousands of paper soldier pages hosted here. You might also have seen a little button on the upper ribbon labelled "Forum". You may even have a few questions about it sitting in your mind. That is what this article intends to address - the nature of the Forum.

What is the Forum?

The Junior General Forum is a place for paper soldier designers, users and anyone with a general interest to come together and have a community discussion. There are nine seperate discussion boards within the forum:

-Announcements & Rules: This is where the admin team and anyone else with a big notice can inform the rest of the forum

-General Discussion: The place for...well...general topics of discussion

-Historical Designers' Forum: Historical paper figure sheet designs go here

-Nonhistorical Designers' Forum: Non-historical stuff goes here

-15mm Scale: One of the newest scales of paper figures

-Microscale: Another scale

-Gaming Forum: The place for organising and playing forum games etc.

-Requests & Suggestions: If you don't think you have what it takes to make a particular set, you can ask the designers to give it a look-in

-Articles: A repository for work-in-progress main-site articles

Why should I join the Forum?

Just browsing the figures on the main site is like looking out on the world through a crack in the blinds - you've got to open the curtains to see the bigger picture. The forum is a vibrant and bustling community acting as a sort of 'behind-the-scenes' for the main site - indeed, some of the best works can only be found on the forum. By joining the forum you can get the first look at new sets and participate to varying degrees in their creating through commentary and criticism. If you want to give it a go, you can even start your own work-in-progress thread and start producing figure sets yourself for others to critique. Just a quick note on that last - although the forum has relatively quick response times and is always buzzing with activity, there will be times when people genuinely have nothing to say about whatever you have posted, for whatever reason. Don't be discouraged - just keep posting what you make and see where you go from there. By joining you become part of our greater community, the myriad gears and cogs which make the main site tick.

Does joining mean that I am under certain obligations?

The good thing about JG is that there are no strict criteria for maintaining your membership - e.g your account will not be deleted if you don't make x posts in y days, or even if you don't post at all. We have lurkers on the site who have never posted a single message since the early days of the forum, but they are still legitimate members all the same. In fact, the only obligations you have to follow are the forum rules; I would strongly recommend reading both them and the site FAQs before you jump in. do I join?

It's simple. Just click on this link and follow the instructions. Remember to check the site FAQ for the authorisation code - this will be necessary for the registration process. Once you have activated your account - congratulations! Welcome to the Junior General Forum. Your journey has just begun...